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For today’s post we wanted to share with our readers an aspect of yoga that’s near and dear to our hearts; Bhakti Yoga. The practice of bhakti yoga, or devotional yoga, is a spiritual path practiced to foster love, faith and surrendering to God. This form of yoga is a natural path for those seeking emotional fulfillment, within yourself and others around you while always remaining connected to a higher source. What’s amazing about the practice of bhakti, is that it does not require a regular or advanced asana yoga practice for one to find this spiritual fulfillment. You can connect with God through love and your heart center by meditating or simple pranayama.

Yoga Journal recently published a beautiful article on how one woman’s bhakti yoga practice helped transform heartbreak into love and a romance with life itself. Especially with Valentine’s Day approaching, this holiday can sometimes uncover vulnerable sadness and old heartache but with meditation, yoga, and pranayama we can practice and use these tools to help transform moments of breakdown into breakthroughs.

While practicing the following breathing exercise, be sure to connect with your heart center. Maybe think of a brilliant vibrant green, the color of our heart chakra, or perhaps a beloved hindu deity.

Start in a comfortable seat.
Straighten your spine.
Roll your shoulders away from ears and relax your jaw.

Bring one hand on your navel and the other to your heart center.

Inhale through your nose.

Exhale out your nose.

Deeply inhale in through the nose for 1-2-3.
Deeply exhale for 1-2-3.
As you inhale, feel the breath and your lower hand expand, then upper hand.
As you exhale, feel both hands move inward toward your spine.

Bring your attention to your heart center and continue a few rounds like this, continuously staying connected to your breath and heart center.


Illustration by Scott Bakal

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