Deer Pose {Yin Series}

Deer Pose

In last week’s post we covered Dragon Pose and its variations, a series of pretty deep (and sometimes intense) hip openers. While you could do the standard windshield wipers move to release any tension you’ve acquired from doing Dragon, Deer Pose is a quick and different way to release the same tension.  Deer pose is also useful in alleviating gas or other GI upset, relieving menopause symptoms, and can be therapeutic for respiratory issues as well as high blood pressure.  Deer pose can place some stress on the knees, so if that is a problem area be sure to practice with care.

To come into the pose, begin in Butterfly.  Leaving the left leg in Butterfly, swing the right leg behind you with the foot resting on the flood behind the hip.  Move the front (left) leg away from the body some, and try to position the back (right) leg so that it forms a right angle.  The back foot should be far away enough that you almost start to feel as though you are tipping over.  Root firmly into both sitting bones.  If this is being used just as a counter pose, it’s only necessary to hold it for about a minute on each side.  If doing Deer as a regular part of your Yin sequence, hold for three to five minutes and finish with windshield wipers.

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