The Heart Never Gives Up

“Don’t allow your mind to tell your heart what to do. The mind gives up easily.”

-Paulo Coelho

Trusting yourself is a practice of listening to your heart. When we create space and open ourselves to the bounty of wisdom and answers our heart has to offer our perceptions, thoughts, and creativity start to alter. For the better. When this occurs our mind is a wonderful ally to have.

Our desires and passions come to life when we’re in touch with our hearts but this may not always feel like “enough” as our mind has a funny way of giving up on us. Making us think we’re “not good enough” or that’s “silly for me to want or feel that way” – this is our mind, our ego, stepping on our toes using fear as a means to keep us comfortable. We then may lack motivation or personal encourage to actually bring healthy change or goodness into our life, and this can come in many forms from career, family, love, or even pursuing a new hobby. However when we combine passion with word and a bit of mental clarity our capabilities – mentally, emotionally and spiritually – expand. Ultimately giving us the self-confidence and the faith we’ve been seeking to take action. To stand up and make a change. It’s so important to always put your heart first and to really listen to it, trust yourself and then invite your mind to help you organize, create action steps and put into words what your heart’s deepest desires are saying to you.

Next month as we move from our heart chakra and up the chakra ladder to Vishuddha, our throat chakra we’ll continue to experience heart-opening as these two chakras are deeply connected through communication and expression. Stay tuned.


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