Full Moon, Harvest Moon. Happy Fall.

With the Harvest Moon upon us and the Fall Equinox fast approaching this is a great time to move inward and give thanks. As we’re thrown into the evolving winds and the changing energies of summer to autumn we may begin to feel a sense of unsettling anxiety and a frantic lack of time as we see each day just rush by us. This is all coming from our Harvest Moon, she is powerful and asking, almost begging you to stop in your tracks, take a seat, deep breath and move inward.

This full moon wants you to analyze where you are on your life path, to take sober evaluation of your relationships, work and resources. Under this moon you can feel supported to ask your self-testing and teaching questions such as; “what is working for me?” “What does align with my life purpose?” and “Am I truly living my life’s purpose?” This moon also supports, quite powerfully, for you to reevaluate and if something is not working, this is the opportunity to let it go. Below is a excerpt from Sarah Varcas and Mystic Mama on this Moon’s astrology forecast. I hope you enjoy this wonderful and magical moon energy.

“…she invites us to consider an inner harvest and where we now find ourselves on our path of spiritual enquiry.
“It can be a rare thing, to contemplate ourselves aside from the conditions of our lives. We can easily feel an unnerving dissolution of self when we remove the external trappings of our identity and turn within to see what’s left in their absence.
“But today the Full Moon bids us to do exactly that: to turn towards and embrace the truth of who we are aside from anything created around us. To embrace what is left when our identification with things, circumstances, experiences, wealth (or lack of it), role (or absence of it), is released.
“She encourages us to let even our name go, to move beyond the ‘I’ ness of existence, in order to experience the essence which energises us from the heart…”
“This Full Moon in the final sign of the zodiac reminds us that the true harvest of our path is experienced within, in the very core of our being, not externally in the trappings of our lives.
“If we fail to connect with our essence we may miss the harvest, forever seeking it outside of ourselves, which can be a more seductive and absorbing path, but also a distracting and deceptive one. As with all Full Moons, something comes to fruition at this point, but today the harvest is within us awaiting our inward gaze in order to be known…”

Photo:Jeff Sullivan
Astrology Source: Sarah Varcas

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