Superfood: Chia

By now we’ve all heard how amazing chia seeds our health and that it’s the mother of superfoods, and deservingly so. This little seed packs a whole lot a punch for its size. Chia seeds, which come from a flowering plant in the mint family in Mexico and Guatemala, have a long list of health benefits including a healthy source of omega-3 fats, calcium, fiber and a great energy booster.

These tasteless seeds can be eaten whole or milled, but can also be turned into gels by adding water. Thanks to their sponge-like abilities, they can be added to everything from soups, smoothies and oatmeal. Chia seeds are a great source of protein, manganese, and phosphorus, and are an ideal option for vegans, vegetarians and people with gluten allergies.

Here are a few ideas of how you start incorporating more chia into your diet.

  • Use chia seeds as an egg substitute when baking sweets. When added to water chia takes on an eggy-like consistency making it an great for vegan treats.
  • Great for breakfast. Use the seeds as a topper on your granola or add a teaspoon to your breakfast smoothie. Either way used you’ll be starting your day off with an extra boost of energy.raspberry-chia-seed-jam-on-knife
  • Chia seed jelly and jams. Have a few too many raspberries and blueberries on hand (because we’re not ready to let go of summer)? Puree berries, chia, a splash of water, and perhaps some honey for a delicious homemade jam.
  • Is your hair feeling a little dry? Add chia seeds with fresh lemon juice and mix until you have a gel-like consistency. Apply the mixture to your scalp and let rest for 10 minutes. This will leave your hair hydrated and feeling silkier.


Source: The Huffington Post

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