Throat Chakra Meditation

How well do you communicate your needs, wants, beliefs and aspirations? Can you speak truth from your heart, or do you ‘choke up’ when emotions get heavy? Here’s a short and simple meditation to help balance your 5th chakra, the throat chakra. When the energy is flowing in this chakra one is able to communicate effectively and truthfully with due consideration for both themselves and others.

5th Chakra Color Meditation

Sit upright in a comfortable chair, feet flat on the floor and hands open in your lap.

Close your eyes, breath in deeply, imagining your breath reaching every part of your body. As you take a deep exhale feel tension and tightness melt away.

For the next 2 – 3 minutes breath in a clear vibrant light blue. As you inhale, sense the color blue is opening up your ability to communicate clearly and cleanly, without emotion clouding your speech. Vision this light blue radiate from yourthroat-chakra throat center.

As you deeply breath in the brilliant blue, sense any fear of speaking or being heard fall away, and sense your own energy in this area of your body flowing freely, helping you to communicate freely. Because it is directly above the heart chakra think of this energy helping you to speak your heart’s truth. This place of uncontidional love found in the heart chakra is there to support you always – through any fear or obstacle that may arise.

Spend a few breaths, about 2-3 minutes, sensing what is going on in your body and your mind. Let your emotions come and go with ease with each inhale and exhale. As thoughts come up, just let them go and refocus on sensing the positive energy.

After 10 minutes begin by slowly releasing your color vision and coming back to your normal breath. Flutter the eyes open and keep all of your new found energy with your at all times as you move through your day. This is a great meditation to do right before meetings, negotiations or important communication of any kind. Try it out and let us know how it goes. Question, comments, and thoughts are always welcomed.

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