30 Minute Lunchbreak Yin Sequence

Now that we’ve covered the vast majority of Yin poses, it’s time to start linking them together to reap even greater benefits.  This quick and simple sequence is perfect for a mid-day pick-me-up, especially since its focus is on the spine and hips.  You’ll want to have a timer handy to keep you on track, a cell phone works great.  Just be sure to turn it to airplane mode to prevent any distractions.

Take the first five minutes to center yourself.  Come to a comfortable seated position with the spine neutral and hands resting on the knees.  If the thought of meditation is daunting to you, spend this five minutes solely focusing on each inhale and exhale. Once the five minutes is up, come into Child’s pose for another three minutes, still focusing on the breath (8).

asana_butterflyFrom child’s pose, come into a seated position, bringing the soles of your feet to touch forming a diamond shape.  Round your spine as your fold forward coming into Butterfly pose.  Remember that our emphasis here is on making space in the spine and the stress on the hip joints.  Remain at your edge for three minutes (11).

asana_shoelace_foldingAfter slowly coming out of Butterfly, return to a neutral spine and send the legs out in front for some windshield wiper motions.  Come into Shoelace pose on the first side, which should ideally be your “more” open side.  Stay at your edge for three minutes. (17)

asana_swan_sleepingNext, we will move into Sleeping Swan which should be a smooth, easy transition straight from Shoelace.  If it’s not, just return to a seated position and follow the instructions in the blog post.  When you get to your edge, stay there for three minutes.

Repeat both of these on your opposite time.  If your schedule allows, move from pose to pose a little slower and take some time shaking out your legs to release the hips.  If not, this is still far more beneficial than browsing Pinterest on your break, don’t you think?

If you moved quickly through this sequence, then you’ve got seven blissful minutes to spend in shavasana before returning to reality.  Otherwise, spend five to 10 minutes here and allow yourself to slowly return to a seated position before returning to your day.

photo credit: www.yinyoga.com

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