Eclipse Meditation

Happy October Full Moon! This evening’s full moon is the start of “eclipse” season and as we enter the darker months we can expect to feel a different vibration, and at some points, a more intense moon pulse.

The theme of balance continues as we are feeling pressure to take action in those places where we are out of balance to bring those aspects of our lives into right relation. With that today’s meditation will encourage you to bring mindful awareness to aspects of life that feel out of balance and then invite proper steps to help encourage evolution. The reading below is sourced from Astrologer Cathy Pagano.

“With eclipse season upon us, get ready to complete a task, learn a new skill or face an old demon that needs to be brought into the Light.  Consciousness never hurts—even when it does.

Once on the path of self-awareness, we can never get off—we only take detours that demand our attention.  It all leads to one goal—the Wisdom that will help us move on to the next stage of human evolution—living to our highest potential.

Lunar eclipses (which have a 19 year cycle) signal a completion and an awareness that could change the course of our journey if we let it…May you finally get the message and leave the past behind, honoring the experiences by making them conscious and giving them meaning. We have to understand how we fit into the larger scheme of life—and we have to accept our role as agents of evolution…”

Before settling into your meditation, preferably with the moon in sight, make notes of the thoughts or ideas that may have come up from this reading. These can appear as knowledge, wisdom, understanding, or inspiration. Even if you think nothing happened, you may find that in a few days new ideas will appear to you. Develop the ability to listen and trust from a place within as you go about your daily schedule.

Once your mind becomes a bit more still and you’ve settled on your aspect of life you’d like to focus on begin to close your eyes and find a calm even breath. Envision the moon rays bathing you as you continue to inhale and exhale. Say once to yourself what your change or evolution will be and then release it as you continue to breathe. Sit with your breath for and this intention for 20 minutes before slowly waking and opening your eyes.

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Source: Cathy Pagano, Mystic Mamma

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