Squat Pose {Yin Series}

Hips, hips, hips.  We talk about hips around here a lot, don’t we? But think about it…if you’ve ever been to a gym you’ve seen the weight room filled with people, meatheads and newbies alike.  But do you ever seem doing anything for their…hips? Nope. So they’ve been neglected, a lot.  We’ve got some catching up to do!

Squat pose is super simple which is more or less only off limits to yogis who have experienced a knee trauma.  Standing with feet hip-width apart, bring your arms out in front of you and come into a squat position.  Bring your hands into prayer (or so that the arms are in a similar position), using your elbows as leverage against your legs.  If you’re too tight, it’s possible your heels won’t rest on the ground.  If this happens, you have two options; try spreading the feet wider or place a rolled up blanket under the heels.  The wider your hips are, the deeper the stretch there.  The closer they are together, the ankles become more involved.  Both are, of course, beneficial.  Remain in the pose for three to five minutes.

The easiest and gentlest way to come out of the pose is just to sit down, taking your time to straighten out the legs.  For a more challenging variation, straighten the legs and come into Dangling Pose.  Dangling makes a great counter pose as it releases any tension you may have accumulated in the knees and back.

Enjoy this pose a few times a week as a part of your regular Yin practice.

photo credit: www.yinyoga.com


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