30 Minute Hip Sequence {Yin Series}

The holiday season is fast approaching, and no matter how hard we try each year, self care still slips out the window.  We try to stay committed to eating well, going to yoga, drinking enough water, and making our monthly acupuncture session.  But the truth is, that time of year just sucks up a lot of time.  So instead of letting everything sit on the back burner, make a compromise.  Can’t make it to your weekly Yin class? Try doing this quick sequence instead.

Spend the first five minutes of your practice in Butterfly pose, but take a reclined version instead.  Place a bolster under your back for extra support.  Use this time to center yourself and bring your mind to the practice.  Allow gravity to begin to open the muscles of the groin.



From here, move into Square pose.  After you have done Square on the first side, shake the legs out in a windshield wiper motion, and then repeat on the other side.  Hold the pose for two to three minutes on each side.  Remember to keep both sides of the seat firmly planted on both sides.

Next, choose a version of Dragon pose and, again, hold it on each side for three to five minutes.  Take a minute or two in between sides to rest, either in Child’s pose or just laying flat. You may find that one side is more receptive to a deeper variation, and that’s fine.

We’ll finish this hip sequence with Happy Baby pose.  Hang out here for about five minutes.  Alternatively, each leg can be done separately in Happy Baby, and two to three minutes on each side would be an appropriate amount of time.

Hug the knees to the chest and do any movement here that feels good; bringing a knee towards the armpit, some circles with the knees, etc.  Once you’re ready, settle into a five minute shavasana.

photo credit: www.yogaoutlet.com

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