Feeding Your Crown Chakra

 As we continue to work on the crown chakra today we’re going to look out how we can nourish or help activate this chakra through food. We already know that the crown chakra colors are white and violet and the element is thought, thus making meditation a great outlet for activation in this chakra but there are also a few foods you can feed yourself as well that will encourage a deeper connection with your crown chrakra.

This chakra is different than the rest in one way: The crown chakra is in some ways more “spirit” than “matter.” Therefore, the crown chakra thrives on the sustenance that comes from sunlight, air and love. The emotional state of the crown chakra is our connection to our higher spirituality, our higher self. Therefore, the traditional practice of “feeding” this chakra is fasting. Now I know that may not seem appealing or possible to most, and that’s ok as fasting is not something to jump into unless you’ve practiceeggplant-harvestd this before and are familiar with your wellness and how your body reacts in this state. With that, we do have a few food recommendations for those of us who really want to feed their crown before
experimenting with a fast. The best foods to nourish your 7th chakra with are plums, eggplants, deep purple grapes, and then there’s always fresh air, sunshine, moonlight, prayer and love – the best prescription for feeding all of the chakras.

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