Shine Bright

“Transcendence is the path of liberation. Immanence is the path of manifestation. To embrace them both is to see the divine within and without as an inseparable unity.”

The crown chakra is a two-way gate to the beyond. It open outward, beyond ourselves to the infinite, and it opens inward and downward to the world of vision, creativity, and eventually manifestation. Transcendence is a cleansing bath in the water of spirit ,a blissful relief from that which binds us to limitation. Over the course the past few months we’ve been diving in and working through all seven chakras and the purpose of moving through the chakras is one of constant transcendence, where each new plane encompasses the chakra below in a larger framework.

Eventually we have to come back down as expansion of consciousness is of greatest value when applied. Light shining in our eyes can be blinding, but light focused on something that needs illumination is a blessing. Immanence is the light of divine consciousness shining out form within. In manifests the presence of the divine within, the divinity of the self in its wholeness. To speak your truth is to let the divine, God or Goddess, emanate from within you. So I leave you with this, what would you like to create and shine on this world? This self-inquiry journey you’ve endured has cleared out the muck, doubt, and what ifs that may have plagued you for way too long. Your truth is clearer now than ever before and now’s the time to shine bright.


Source: Anodea Judith

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