Pranayama For The Chakras

Over the past few months we’ve explored seven main chakras in the body and have used different meditations, breathing techniques, even food to help open and activate these whirling energy points. For today’s practice we’ll use pranayama, or breathing technique, as a means to bring awareness into each chakra one at a time, ultimately activating them to allow for energy and new breath to flow through each.

By slowing your breath and physical vibration to a slower-paced natural frequency than you typically use, you ease the tension and pressure that you put on your muscles – including your brain. It’s absolutely amazing that through conscious breathing you can rid the body of this dark energy that hang on in the various chakra centers. Therefore, by using this pranayama practice you will begin to feel more balanced, less stressed, have more energy and all around feel better.

Focus on your breathing; starting with inhaling and exhaling in a balanced rhythm. It doesn’t matter if you inhale for a beat of three and exhale for a beat of three, or you inhale for beat of five and exhale for a beat of five. It all depends on your own lung capacity, and what makes you comfortable when breathing in a balanced rhythm. During this practice, try to stay focused on your uniform rhythm as you move through each charka visualization. Use the corresponding chakra color while you flow through each chakra. Take your awareness, all the way down to your base chakra, the root chakra, slowing your vibration down and begin here.

Chakra Colors:

  • 1st chakra, root: red
  • 2nd chakra, sacral: orange
  • 3rd chakra, solar plexus: yellow
  • 4th chakra, heart: green
  • 5th chakra, throat: blue/indigo
  • 6th chakra, third eye: violet
  • 7th chakra, crown: white





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