Superfood: Chocolate

As the weather continues to drop and the snow begins to fall, there’s nothing better than to cozy up with a warm cup of coco, a big bowl of chili, or perhaps both! If that’s the case we have news that will get your heart racing…in a good way of course!

Below are a few health benefits of Dark Chocolate and when it comes to chocolate and recieving all it’s associated health benefits look for organic dark chocolate that is at least 70% cacao. You can even go as high as 90% – the more bitter the better.

Dark chocolate lowers blood pressure, which lowers risks of heart attacks and strokes. It reduces risk of colon cancer; the cocoa polyphenols found in dark chocolate reduce the risk of colorectal cancer. This was determined in a study by the Science and Technology Institute of Food and Nutrition in Spain, which was published in the journal Molecular Nutrition. It’s also a healthy fat! The fat does little to raise cholesterol. It contains abundant oleic acid, the type of fatty acid found in olive oil, which helps prevent heart disease and promote antioxidant activity. Dark chocolate can also be your best friend when you begin to feel your mood sour. Studies have shown that dark chocolate contains serotonin and increases endorphin production. It’s a natural anti-depressant – lifting your spirits and mood even when it’s that time of month. Dark chocolate can ease PMS issues leaving you to feel less tense, stressed, achy, moody, and tired.

Lastly, still craving chocolate and chili? Check out our Meatless Monday recipe and treat yourself to a bowl of Vegetarian Chocolate Chili.


Stat Source: Natural News

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