Superfood: Fennel

Tis the season, fennel season that is. Fennel season runs from September to June and is especially abundant around the holiday season as it’s typically used in many Italian holiday dishes, such as salads, soups or braised with sausage. Not only is this anise-like flavored vegetable popular with the Italians but can also be found in the superfood circuit for it’s many health benefits. And with the holidays around the corner there’s no reason to embrace a new food tradition – superfood style!

Fennel is super low calorie with around 30 cals per cup and has as much energy-boosting potassium as a small banana. This slightly sweet and licorice-y flavored veggie packs a lot of Vitamin C, fiber and antioxidants. These antioxidants help to protect against free radicals, which have beneficial effects on aging, help to prevent cancer, and can help brighten our skin. Fennel’s high fiber content helps to lower cholesterol and improves cardiovascular function. Another random tidbit: fennel is also helpful in easing premenstrual symptoms.


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