Superfood: Mushrooms

Mushrooms are everywhere this time of year, they’re on our pizza, sauteed with herbs, in our pasta, soups and salads. And that’s exactly what makes mushrooms so great, packed with so much flavor, low in calories and capable of taking on the flavors of whatever you’re cooking it with this superfood is everywhere for good reason. They also have a great health benefits, making them all the easier to chomp on.

roasted-mushroomsMushrooms are rich in phytochemicals and potassium that provide our bodies with the nutrients, proteins, minerals, and vitamins it needs to generate energy and repair cells. They areĀ  a remarkable cornerstone to our immune system healthy. The high levels of nutrients in these little fungi can help improve eyesight, circulation, and reduce migraine headache. They will also give your immune system an all around boost to keep your body flu free this winter season.

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