Rehab Is For Quitters


Why does quitting have such a bad connotation?  Oh yeah, that’s right; in our western society we sometimes have pressures placed upon us or the mentality to be the best, and to be the best in every capacity and aspect of life. Which is perhaps why we place judgement around the concept of rehab, saying and laughing it off as “rehab is for quitters”.  Quitting is seen as negative and for the weak-minded.  Who after all wants to be a quitter?  Well, me, for one, that’s who. I want to be a quitter and I am damn good at it.  Some would even call me a professional quitter.  I have quit meat and dairy.  I have relinquished the use of chemical laden household products.  Beauty and skincare products are now all natural for me. I quit buying into what manufacturers want to sell me.  I have quit friends, lovers, and jobs.  I have quit caring about a lot of things that some consider status symbols. I have quit caring what others think about me.  I have quit worrying and have learned not to sweat the small stuff.  I have quit fearing death and am learning to embrace what will come next, always trying to stay present. I have quit smoking and more than once, so as you can see I am a really good quitter. And for that I’m pretty damn proud of myself for it! I am not saying it is always going to be easy, and our modern world doesn’t throw us daily challenges.  But if there is something not serving your greater good I suggest you get on the train to quittersville.  Buckle up, it may be a little bumpy but once you get going it’s quite an enjoyable ride.

Here are some tips to inspire bringing out the quitter in you.  Meditation and breath work are beautiful tools to enhance your inner quitter:

1)   Quit Doubting Yourself, you are ALL that.

2)   Stop with the negative thinking already, numerous studies show the benefits and power of positive thinking.

3)   Lose the fear of failure, if you are a little scared, good, it means you are growing.

4)   Let go of destructive relationships and emotional vampires.  There are no excuses on this one. Drop them like a hot potato!

5)   Stop gossiping, it serves no one and creates a negative energy field around you.

6)   Stop criticizing yourself and/or others.

7)   Let go of the anger.  The only thing you can control in this life is your attitude.

8)   Comfort/emotional eating.  Find other ways to nurture yourself, like yoga, meditation, connecting with nature.  Find something you truly enjoy to replace it.

9)   Embrace laziness.  Sometimes laziness is necessary but make sure the balance is there and get up off your ass and do something!

10)  Negative self-talk.  Try telling yourself how fabulous you are each and everyday and express gratitude for everything you have regularly.

11)  Procrastination, just do it!  Why put off for tomorrow what can be done today.

12)  Fear of success. This is bullshit, you deserve abundance in everything!

13)  Anything excessive, find the balance in all things.  You should not be doing too much of any one thing.

14)  People pleasing, learn how to say NO.

15)  Putting others needs before your own. You can’t take care of others if you aren’t taking care of yourself first.

Check out some of our Meditations that will help you along the way!


Love & Light,

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