Baby Steps into Spring…

Spring is a transitional time.  Spring is a time for renewal, cleansing, healing, letting go of the old and making room for the new, on every level imaginable.  Spring is a rite of passage full of rituals documented throughout history. Spring is my favorite time of year and the perfect time to cleanse your body, mind and household.

I have had many conversations with individuals new to the concept of healthy eating, veganism, vegetarianism, juice cleansing and yoga.  They know my field and want to share their experiences with me.  This often happens over a not so clean meal in a restaurant combined with cocktails and their deep desire to make a change and their looming guilt from having tried some radical approach and failed, more than once.  They often stress how they don’t need “professional” help, they just want to pick my brain, after all why should they hire a professional when all the information they need is “free” on the internet.  Most have health issues and some serious. Almost every American has been, is or will be on prescription meds, overweight, lacking in energy and feel stuck.  What’s worse, some have felt crummy for so long that they don’t even know what feeling good is and they turn to the information highway, the internet to find all the answers.

The internet is a beautiful thing.  But, without the proper guidance of a professional many people are receiving just enough information to get them selves into trouble, both physically and emotionally.  This holds true for just about every subject out there on the inter-webs.  Health is a very complicated subject and in the western world it is in its’ infancy. I joke all the time about the fact that we call it a medical practice because we are the guinea pigs being practiced on.  There is some great info out there, after all you are reading my blog 🙂  It is a full time job to educate yourself, weed through all the garbage out there and come up with a plan that is affordable, healthy and sustainable.  So many individuals don’t know what “healthy” is.  You are what you eat, what you breath, what you put onto your skin and even what you think, more on this as we rollout Baby Steps into Spring…

Over the next several weeks as we transition from Winter into Spring we will be sharing with you many baby steps to incorporate into your daily lives.

In our western world we have become conditioned into a mindset of instant gratification.   I encourage you to lose this mentality when approaching a spring cleanse.  If you live in a climate that is just beginning to thaw, any cleanse should be taken on mindfully.  If the temperatures are still dipping to freezing at night, a tropical juice cleanse is probably not the right prescription for you.

We offer many types of nutritional programs.  A juice only fast is NEVER recommended to someone who hasn’t cleansed before, unless there is a severe health issue and/or we are working one on one with you.

We will be here for you every baby step of the way.  If you need a personalized program, which frankly I believe everyone does, than please reach out and send us an email Your first consultation is free.  We will be sharing lots of tips to help guide you through a safe transition into spring cleaning your body, mind and household, so be sure to follow our blog here 

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In the mean time start perusing our blog for an archive of recipes and health and wellness info.

Happy Spring and Namaste,

Stacy and the whole team at Y3




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