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“The essential is to get rid of deeply rooted prejudices, which we often repeat without examining them.”  ~ Albert Einstein


Today’s focus is on fresh cold-pressed green juice.  Often, I am asked which is better for us, smoothies or cold pressed juices?  Both have their place in a healthy diet. However, in my professional opinion, home-made green juices are the shining stars for delivering the most nutrients beneficial to the body.  Most prepared smoothies and juices out there are heated (pasteurized for longer shelf life) killing essential enzymes and nutrients, and are basically liquid sugar. In addition, from what I have seen, people are making smoothies and green drinks at home that are loaded with too many ingredients for the body to assimilate properly and include too much  fruit (sugar) in an effort to make them more palatable.  If you haven’t tried a pressed green juice before, you may be skeptical or turn your nose up at the very thought of it.  My aim is to bring you inside of your comfort zone and release the feeling you may have that you are drinking your freshly mown lawn. I believe that you can and will actually enjoy the taste, the sensation and reap the myriad of health benefits to be found in this magical elixir.  Give it a try.  You have nothing to loose and only better health to gain.

Most nutritionists today can agree that a diet should achieve balance between acid and alkaline.  Like one would aim to balance the acid/alkaline, or PH of a swimming pool, it is also necessary for optimal health in the human body.  Unfortunately, the Standard American Diet, aka, S. A. D. is high in acid forming foods.  Acidity is the underlying cause of almost all disease.  A high acid diet leaches vitamins and minerals from our bones, causes osteoporosis, inflammation, puffiness, gout, acid reflux, IBS, and stresses the liver & kidneys.  These are just a few of the symptoms associated to a body with a high acid environment.  It is well documented that disease CANNOT thrive in a highly oxygenated, nutrient dense environment.  Thus, one maintaining the proper acid/alkaline balance has a much greater chance of living decease free.


Coconuts can save your life

“Coconuts are one of the greatest gifts on this planet.  No matter where you are, what you have done, how much you have mistreated your body, fresh young coconuts and coconut oil can save your life.” ~David Wolfe


The coconut palm tree is prehistoric and a distant cousin to wild grasses.  In Sanskrit, the language of ancient India, coconut palm translates to kalpa vriksha, said by the Indians to be “the tree that supplies all that is needed to live.”  Wow, that’s a big claim.

Young coconut water is identical to human blood plasma and has even been used for blood transfusions.   Plasma makes up 55% of human blood.  The remaining 45% of our blood consists of hemoglobin, which is essentially transformed plant blood, or chlorophyll.  A drink of 55% fresh coconut water and 45% fresh cold-pressed green juice is the ultimate food for our blood.

There are numerous benefits and uses for the young coconut. For the purpose of this writing, we are focusing on the “Essential Green Juice.”  I encourage you to explore more on the many uses of this beautiful plant.


What is Chlorophyll?

Chlorophyll is a naturally occurring molecule that gives plants their bright green color. Chlorophyll is essentially tasteless but bright green things can be off putting to some.

Chlorophyll is also the molecule that is responsible for facilitating one of the most incredibly miraculous processes on earth – the process of photosynthesis. Photosynthesis is the process that converts sunlight energy, water and carbon dioxide into our primary source of fuel – glucose. All animals and humans obtain their life-sustaining energy supply form plants, making photosynthesis to be (one of) the sources of all life. Without plants there would be no life.

Chlorophyll – The Green Blood of Plants

One of the most interesting aspects of chlorophyll is how closely it resembles our red blood cells, known as hemoglobin, the pigment that gives our blood its red color as well as oxygen-carrying capacity. The hemoglobin of the red blood cell and the chlorophyll of the plant are virtually identical in molecular structure, with the only difference being the center atom. In hemoglobin it’s iron and in chlorophyll it’s magnesium. Chlorophyll is even often referred to as ‘the green blood of plants’ – obviously for good reason.

The antioxidant action of chlorophyll, according to “Encyclopedia of Herbal Medicine” can lower your risk for developing certain types of cancer. Chlorophyll also aids in oxygenating the blood, and cancer can’t thrive in oxygen. It efficiently delivers magnesium and helps the blood in carrying much needed oxygen to all cells and tissues of the body.

Let’s put the two together.  Coconut + Chlorophyll = Y3’s Essential Green Juice. I am not asking you to change anything else that you are now doing with your diet.  There is no fasting or starvation involved.  Just add 24 to 32 oz of organic fresh cold-pressed green juice daily for 40 days and let me know how you feel.  Feel free to share your results in the comments section below.

Essential Green Juice


(Makes approx 24 oz of green juice to be diluted with coconut water)

You will need a juicer for this recipe

4 or 5 leaves fresh organic kale, center vein removed

3 stalks organic celery

1 organic cucumber

2 organic granny smith apples

1″ knob of fresh organic ginger, peeled

1 whole organic lemon

Coconut Water

3 ounces of wheat grass, add into juice last. Fresh, frozen or the powder variety is fine when you are just starting out.  But, I encourage you to play with the real thing, fresh wheat grass is a nutritional and antioxidant powerhouse.

Place all ingredients through your juicer, leave concentrated until ready to drink in a sealed glass container.  (I love Mason Jars) Dilute with 50-55% coconut water when ready to drink.  For example, 4 0z green drink + 4 oz coconut water= 8 oz of Essential Green Juice.  Consume juice within 10 hours for optimal enzymes, vitamins and minerals.


Coconut Water, ideally from a young Thai Coconut that can be found at most markets (if the idea of a hatchet and a coconut don’t sit well with you, you may use a commercially prepared water.  However, please read the label as most contain chemicals and/or are pasteurized to lengthen shelf life) We like Harmless Harvest 100% Raw Coconut water and have found it in most organic markets in the refrigerator section.

Please note: This is supplemental, not a meal replacement like so many people do with a smoothie.  Unless, you are on a juice only feast, which is a topic for another article and should be done with the guidance of a detox and/or fasting professional.



excerpts from: http://www.care2.com







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