Choosing a Focus for your Home Yoga Practice

We begin our new series the Home Yoga Practice at the beginning.  For a successful yoga practice, postures (asanas) can be used as preparations, counter-poses or a focal or peak pose.  To create a sequence there should always be a beginning (theme), middle (apex) and end (finishing poses)  The goal for you as a student is to find what works best for you and your body on any given day.

Beginning (Theme)

  • We always begin at the beginning.  This is the place before your practice that you connect to your breath and do a personal inventory of what you are feeling in your body, in your mind and your spirit.
  • Journaling is without fail the most important part of your personal practice.  If you have trouble with this, it is Ok to just jot down the time and day.  With practice this will become easier and an invaluable tool.  If and when you are ready write about how you feel as a result of your personal inventory and what your theme for your practice will be on that day.
  • Ideas for a theme can be:
  1. Breathwork (prana or energy)
  2. Choosing a body part or muscle group to work on like hip openers, shoulder openers, arm balances or perhaps as a result of your personal inventory it may be meditation.  There are numerous options here.
  3. Time of day may determine your theme.  Morning Sun Salutations or an evening candlelight flow.
  4. Determine your “style” of practice for the day.  Yin, Restorative, Vinyasa Flow, handstands, etc. etc.
  5. Set your music or mood (ambiance)

Middle (Apex)

  • It is safe to say that in order to know where you are going with your practice a length of time should be established.  However, be flexible with yourself here, keep an open-mind and allow the truth and integrity of the yoga reveal itself to you.
  • The Apex or middle will be what you are warming up for your focus or peak pose

End (Finishing Poses)

  • Cooling down if vinyasa was your theme
  • stretching and counterposes
  • Seated Meditation
  • Shavasana (deep relaxation or corpse pose) Without fail bask in this pose at the end every practice (the exception would be a seated meditation practice, however, it is nice after that as well)

It matters not what you choose to do in creating your own Home Yoga Practice nor the length of time doing it.  Showing up everyday on your mat, creating a sacred space and dedicating this time to yourself is what is important.  For tips on meditation, pranayama, yoga poses and other tools for your practice go here for inspiration.

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Stacy and the Y3 team




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