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In our original Blog post Getting Back on Track (Check it out if you haven’t read it) we shared with you “Tips” and “FAQ’s” to help you begin a personal home practice.  Since that post we have received numerous emails from those new to yoga that like the idea of a personal home practice and are looking for more guidance.  In an effort to answer all of your questions and concerns and to get you on your mat for your personal practice straight away we have created a new series the Home Yoga Practice Yoga veterans will find inspiration from this new series too.  There are numerous benefits to a personal practice; it’s free, it’s yours to take wherever you want, it’s gradual for those that are building stamina as so many newbies are, it’s a great way to see your progress daily, you can fit it in any time it’s convenient for you, it’s an opportunity to work on a pose that is eluding you, and creating this healthy daily habit will spill into other areas of your life.

There are many different “styles” of yoga and you are responsible to determine what your needs are on any given day.  But, with a name like Yin Yang Yogis I would be remiss to not include both Yin & Yang methods in this new series.  Check out our Yin Series for more in depth info on Yin Yoga.  Yang is a dynamic style of yoga and most associate it with vinyasa flow, ashtanga or power yoga.  Check out “styles” above for more info.

A personal home practice is not designed to replace the expertise and guidance of a qualified yoga instructor, nor to miss out on the experience of group energy.  However, many people new to yoga have expressed that they find yoga intimidating and even those with years of experience have expressed to me that they don’t have a home practice.  This is especially concerning to me if you are a teacher.  If you are a yoga virgin take a beginners class, workshop or private lesson to learn some basics before you begin.  If you are an experienced yogi grab your journal and hit the mat for your personal practice.  You will either love it or learn a lot about yourself, most likely, both.

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We are here for you and your feedback is important, let us know how we are doing…


Stacy & the Y3 team

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