Good Morning Sunshine “Smoothie”

Good Morning Sunshine Smoothie

This week’s superfood focus is the Goldenberry, aka Gooseberries or Incanberries.  They have been enjoyed for their health properties for thousands of years in South America.  Goldenberries contain carotene and bioflavonoids (vitamin P). They are an excellent source of vitamin A, Potassium, and a good source of dietary fiber.  For a fruit they contain a high source of protein.  Look for 100% Goldenberries that are certified organic, kosher, non-gmo, gluten-free and raw.  We love their sweet/tart taste.


To take things up a notch we have added sweet oranges and mangoes for an antioxidant boost of Vitamins A & C.  In addition, we have included Chia seeds packed with inflammation and fat fighting omega-3 fatty acids. They have the perfect carbo-protein mix to boost stamina, balance your blood sugar and add dietary fiber giving you a healthy dose of minerals to support digestion and metabolism.  As if that weren’t enough we have grated some fresh turmeric to pump up the flavor and add of burst of color all while reducing pain and inflammation in your joints.  Oh, and it is pure deliciousness, truly sunshine in a glass.  Now get blending & enjoy!!!


1 ½ cups freshly squeezed orange juice

2 cups fresh or frozen mango

½ cup goldenberries

2 teaspoons of chia seeds

freshly grated turmeric root to taste

Throw it all in a blender for an amazing kickstart to your day!





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