Whether you are a meditation master or just opening your third eye for the first time, we invite you to explore and discover what lies within.  Meditation is available for all. Release any reservations you may have about this ancient practice, as the health & wellness benefits are too many to list and shouldn’t be missed. Meditation is sustained and uninterrupted concentration that leads to a highly focused mind. To maintain and deepen meditation, the mind must have something to focus on. Objects for meditation can be Mantras (sounds/chanting), Yantras or Chakras (visual images), Malas (prayer beads) light or flame, breath, or prayer. The mind can be transformed from a state of unrest & disharmony to a state of calmness & equilibrium. The ultimate goal is to attain expanded states of consciousness in which we not only have increased awareness of previously unconscious thoughts and feelings, but also awareness of more subtle and universal principles, and comprehension of the world in a more complex and integrated way. In this state, we can experience great joy and inner peace.

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