Meet our Team



Stacy Lakshmi, Founder & Creative Director, CNC, RYT

As a Holistic Health Counselor and Registered Yoga Instructor Stacy’s passion for nutrition, yoga, pranayama (breathwork) and Ayurveda philosophy fuel her personal goal to inspire transformation and optimal health and wellness in everyone who crosses her path. A true student for life, she continues to expand her knowledge in Ayurveda and Eastern philosophy with annual training programs and trips to India, as well as numerous continuing education programs at home in the US and around the globe. When working with clients, Stacy combines her western nutrition studies with her studies of Ayurveda to create a wellness platform through holistic nutrition, yoga, coaching, and preventative care. She specializes in the areas of food allergies, intolerances and digestive disorders.

Stacy’s yoga journey began in 1998 when trying to recover from years of sports related injuries. Desperate to find an alternative to surgery she turned to yoga and very quickly discovered the importance of the whole body-mind connection. Her new passion and lifestyle changes took her on her first pilgrimage to India to study yoga and completed her first yoga teacher training in Ashtanga.  She currently teaches a Vinyasa Fusion, Ashtanga, Quantum Yoga, Integrative Yoga Therapy, Yin Yoga, Yoga for your Dosha, Restorative, Pranayama and Meditation. Stacy strives to guide her students on a journey of awakening their full potential while cultivating strength, and embodying awareness. Her classes focus on breath-synchronized movement, artistic expression and flow, proper alignment and philosophies drawn from eastern and western culture.


Kristin Esposito, CHHC, RYT

Kristin Esposito is a yoga instructor, writer and wellness consultant. She finds yoga, writing, and food an amazing outlet to explore her passions of cooking and artistic self-expression. Her teachings thoughtfully combine yogic philosophy, nutrition, anatomy, and playful self-exploration as a means to inspire a life full of health, happiness and mindful indulgences. Kristin has been practicing yoga for eight years and uses her personal practice to continuously expand her awareness of all that yoga has to offer. Certified in Vinyasa and on the path of Bhakti yoga her theme-based classes help students cultivate a deeper connection to their heart-center ultimately empowering a life filled with love, laughter, devotion, and compassion. Kristin currently splits her time between Brooklyn, NY, Annapolis, MD and globetrotting adventures. When not in the studio or furiously meeting deadlines can be found running the streets and bridges of Manhattan. For tales and snippets all things yoga and food-related check out her blog, Mindful Muse.


Jamie Higdon, CNC, RYT

Jamie Higdon is a RYT Yoga Alliance certified yoga instructor specializing in yin and vinyasa yoga. Jamie completed her training at Evolutions Body Clinic in Annapolis, MD, with teacher Tina Lanzoni. In addition to teaching yoga, Jamie is also a certified nutritional consultant (CNC) through the American Association of Nutritional Consultants.  After correcting and healing personal health issues through yoga and nutrition, Jamie truly believes that the health of mind and body go hand in hand. A firm believer in finding proper health through a holistic approach, she incorporates a well-rounded physical, mental, and nutrition program that not only aids in her personal goal of achieving a healthy life-style but that of her clients as well.


Sam Breschi, RYT

Sam was first introduced to yoga as a student at James Madison University and began practicing, as a means to explore the endless possibilities yoga has to offer in regards to physical endurance, spirituality, flexibility and self-motivation. Growing up Sam struggled with weight management and flexibility making it difficult to advance his athletics in football and lacrosse. Yoga not only helped Sam overcome his struggles but also enhanced his athletic endeavors. While experiencing the physical benefits yoga has to offer Sam also found the spiritual teachings rewarding ultimately leading him to find a deeper mind-body connection and internal balance and peace. His results were instantaneous and transforming thus sparking and inspiring Sam to pursue a yoga teacher training in 2009. Trained under Sid McNairy’s Lifeline Power Yoga, a Baptiste affiliated studio, Sam is now a registered yoga instructor and teaches a vigorous flow with a heavy reliance on breath cues, physical stamina and thoughtful sequencing to encourage a meditative state.

Sam spends much of his time in pursuit of yoga inspiration both on and off his mat and when not practicing or traveling to and from a yoga studio, you can find Sam paddling on the Severn River, indulging in coffee and a good read or watching ESPN Sports Center. It’s Sam hope that a piece of yoga can make it out to all those searching for inner peace and balance.