Fall Into A New You Detox

Fall Into A New You Detox $119.00


7 Day Online Detox November 3rd-November 9th

Why should you detox?

Give your body, mind, and soul the vacation it deserves. No sick days necessary. No vacation days lost. Cleanse, relax, refresh, and awaken your body without compromising your everyday busy lifestyle.

Do you crave more energy, glowing skin, more sleep, and perhaps dropping a few pesky pounds? Or maybe it’s a lifestyle overhaul you’re interested in. Whatever your goal, our Fall Into A New You Detox is designed to accommodate your on-the-go life.

For seven days you’ll sip smoothies, cook and eat wholesome meals, chat with fellow detoxers, yoga, and explore the ins and outs of proper detoxing while getting a total mind, body, soul lift! All the while staying in the comforts of your home; keeping your work, home, life routine in tact. For this group virtual detox you’ll never be alone and will always have support from our Yin Yang Yogis staff.

Get your blenders ready. Here’s how it works.

Every morning you’ll blend up your smoothie pour into your smoothie to-go cup and head off to work. While on lunch break you’ll have your home cooked detox meal*, and detox-approved snacks are welcomed, of course in moderation.

*Sample meals include: Stir-friend veggies with buckwheat noodles, Lentil-mushroom burgers, Roasted veggies and crispy kale quinoa pilaf, Roasted Salmon with pesto squash salad.

Here is what your Fall Into A New You Detox Includes:

  • Your very own Detox manual which will include all the ins and outs of detoxing as well as a pre- and post- cleanse guide to aid in a happy and healthy detox transition.
  • All the recipes for 3 meals per day for seven days, with bonus recipes & snacks that are simple & easy to prepare.
  • Shopping list and Pantry essentials to simplify your week.
  • Unlimited email support from the Y3 family.
  • A Private community Facebook page.
  • Nutrition handouts and articles to support your new path to wellness.
  • Daily inspiration with detox pampering techniques and tips to keep you inspired throughout the week.
  • Daily Yoga Poses and Pranayama (breath work) that aid in the detoxifying process.
  • Intention setting guidelines and a New Moon Horoscope reading.
  • Our personal commitment in guiding you toward health & success.

Fall Into A New You Detox $119.00

Early Bird Discount if you register before October 15th only $79.00


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